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Tips for summer gel nails: Trendy designs for the perfect summer look!

Jul 18,2023 | 杨帆

I. Introduction

A. Introduction of the topic

In this summer season when we are flocking outside and enjoying the warm rays of sunshine on our skin, it is time to also prepare our nails for the perfect summer look.

In this article we would like to give you valuable tips and inspiration about summer gel nails. Gel nails are not only extremely popular, but also the ideal choice for making your hands and nails shine in the summer months. They are durable, robust and offer optimal protection against the stress that our nails are exposed to during this time of year.

We'll look at trendy designs that are especially suitable for summer and give you step-by-step instructions and DIY tips to implement these designs at home. We will also give you important advice on how to care for your summer gel nails so that they remain perfect even in the sun, sand and water.

Whether you are an experienced gel nail enthusiast or are just looking to delve into the world of gel nails, this post will provide you with valuable information and inspiration.

So let's dive into the fascinating world of summer gel nails together and learn how you can create the perfect summer look with your nails!

Have fun reading and trying out!

B. Importance of summer gel nails for the perfect summer look

Summer is the perfect time to refresh your look and experiment with new trends. When it comes to perfecting your summer appearance, you should definitely consider summer gel nails. This type of nail extension has a variety of benefits that can take your summer look to a whole new level.
  1. Longevity and Durability: Summer activities such as swimming in the pool, sunbathing on the beach and outdoor sports can take a toll on our nails. Gel nails are known to last longer than traditional nail polishes. This means you don't have to worry about chipping nail polish all summer long. Your gel nails will stay bright and flawless, regardless of your activities.
  2. Protection from damage: The sun, sand and salt water can affect your natural nails in summer and make them brittle and brittle. Summer gel nails offer additional protection and help protect your natural nails from external influences. They act as a protective layer and prevent your natural nails from losing moisture or becoming brittle.
  3. Variety of Designs and Colors: Another big advantage of summer gel nails is the variety of designs and colors you can choose from. From vibrant colors like coral pink, sunny yellow and turquoise blue to fun patterns like stripes, flowers or tropical motifs - there are no limits to your creativity. With summer gel nails you can add a personal touch to your look and express your personality.
  4. Self-confidence and well-being: Beautiful nails can increase self-confidence and well-being. When you look at your hands and see shiny, well-groomed gel nails, you automatically feel more confident and attractive. Summer gel nails give you that extra bit of glamor and help you feel comfortable in your skin.

To achieve the perfect summer look, summer gel nails should definitely be part of your beauty routine. Whether you're hitting the beach, attending a summer party or just enjoying the warm sun, your gel nails will complete your outfit and make your style shine.
With the variety of designs, colors and durability of summer gel nails, you can be sure that your nails will be the center of attention all summer long. Invest in your nail care and treat yourself to the luxury of summer gel nails for the perfect summer look.

II. Why gel nails for summer?

A. Advantages of gel nails over other types of nails

Advantages of gel nails over other types of nails

When it comes to beautiful and well-groomed nails, gel nails are a popular choice. Summer gel nails are the ideal option, especially in summer when we often show off our hands and nails. Compared to other types of nails, they offer a variety of benefits that make them a preferred choice for many women.

  1. Longevity and Durability: One of the biggest benefits of gel nails is their exceptional longevity. In contrast to conventional nail polishes, which can often peel off after just a few days, gel nails last much longer. This is especially beneficial in summer as we want to enjoy activities like swimming, gardening or outdoor sports without constantly worrying about our nails. With summer gel nails, your nails will stay flawless and shiny for weeks.

  2. Natural look: Gel nails not only look beautiful for longer, but also appear more natural compared to other types of nails such as acrylic nails. Gel is applied in several thin layers for a smooth and natural finish. This will make your nails look fuller and healthier without looking unnatural or artificial. Summer gel nails are the perfect choice to make your nails elegant yet natural.

  3. Flexibility and adaptability: Gel nails offer a wide variety of options to express your individual style. You can choose from different colors, designs and embellishments to highlight your summer personality. Whether you choose vibrant colors, glitter, patterns or even nail art, the sky is the limit with gel nails. You can design your nails to match your summer outfit or create an eye-catcher with eye-catching designs.

  4. Protection of natural nails: Another significant strength of gel nails is their protection for natural nails. The gel-like substance forms a protective layer on natural nails and helps prevent them from breaking, cracking and chipping. This is especially important in summer when our nails are stressed by sunlight, sand, water and other external influences. With summer gel nails you can protect your natural nails from damage while achieving an attractive look.

  5. Easy Removal: Although gel nails are very durable, they are still relatively easy to remove. If you want a change or want to refresh your gel nails, you can either go to a nail salon or do the removal process yourself. The gel nail polish is removed gently without damaging your natural nails. This gives you the freedom to customize your nail design as needed.

Overall, summer gel nails offer numerous advantages over other types of nails. From their durability and flexibility to their natural look and protection for natural nails, gel nails are the ideal choice to get your nails perfect for summer.

B. Longevity and durability of gel nails in summer

Longevity and durability of gel nails in summer

When it comes to choosing the right type of nails for summer, longevity and durability are a crucial factor. After all, we don't want to constantly repaint our nails during the warm summer months or worry about whether they can withstand the activities. This is exactly where summer gel nails come into play. Known for their exceptional longevity and durability, they offer a range of benefits that make them the perfect choice for summer.

  1. Resistance to water: In summer, contact with water is unavoidable - be it swimming in the pool, splashing in the sea or washing up beach equipment. Traditional nail polish tends to dissolve or flake off in water. Gel nails, on the other hand, are water-resistant and remain intact, even during long dives or splashing around in the water for hours. So you can concentrate on your summer fun without having to worry about your nails.

  2. Durability in everyday life: Summer is a time full of activities, be it gardening, sports, barbecuing or just enjoying nature. All of these activities can stress our nails and damage traditional nail polish. Gel nails, on the other hand, are extremely durable and can withstand the daily stresses of summer. They are less prone to chips, scratches or wear, so your nails always look well-groomed and flawless.

  3. Sun protection: While we protect our skin from harmful UV rays, we often forget that our nails are also exposed to sunlight. LanganhAging sun exposure can fade traditional nail polish and make it appear dull and matte. Gel nails, on the other hand, offer additional protection against UV rays and ensure that the color and shine are retained for a longer period of time. This means your nails can look radiantly beautiful even in intense sunlight.

  4. Resistance to sand and dirt: Sand is omnipresent in summer, be it on the beach, in the park or in playgrounds. Conventional nail polish can easily become contaminated and lose its natural shine if sand or dirt sticks to it. Gel nails, on the other hand, are smooth and durable, meaning sand and dirt are less likely to stick to them. With a quick wash or wipe, you can quickly restore your gel nails to their original shine.

  5. Long-lasting perfection: Another big advantage of gel nails in summer is their long-lasting perfection. While traditional nail polish may flake off after a few days or even hours, gel nails maintain their flawless appearance for weeks. This means you don't have to worry about touching up or repainting your nails all summer long. Your gel nails will stay bright and perfect no matter what summer brings.

With summer gel nails you can enjoy summer to the fullest without having to worry about your nails. Their long-lasting and durable nature ensures that your nails can withstand the challenges of summer and give you a perfect look.

C. Protecting natural nails from sun, sand and water

  1. Protection from Sun Damage: We know how important it is to protect our skin from harmful UV rays, but we often forget that our nails are also at risk. Long-term exposure to the sun can cause the nail plate to dry out and lose its natural moisture. Gel nails provide an additional layer of protection that blocks UV rays and maintains nail health. This will keep your natural nails strong and protected from the effects of sunlight.

  2. Sand buildup prevention: Sand and dirt are ubiquitous in summer, especially on the beach or in outdoor recreational areas. Sand particles can easily get stuck under traditional nail polish and cause unsightly discoloration. Summer gels, on the other hand, have a smooth, even surface that minimizes sand sticking. By regularly washing or wiping, you can easily remove sand from your gel nails and return them to their original appearance.

  3. Water resistance: Whether in the pool, the sea or daily hand washing, water can affect nail health. Excessive exposure to water can cause nails to become saturated with moisture, causing them to expand and contract. This can lead to breaks and cracks. Summer gel nails are water-resistant and provide a protective barrier for your natural nails. They help reduce moisture penetration and maintain the strength and integrity of your nails.

  4. Avoiding nail breakage: Activities such as swimming, surfing, playing volleyball or gardening are common in summer. These activities can lead to unsightly nail breaks if your natural nails are unprotected. Gel nails are more resistant to breaks and cracks because the gel provides additional strength and stability. By protecting your natural nails with gel nails, you can significantly reduce the risk of nail breakage and enjoy your summer without restrictions.

  5. Moisturizing properties: Another important function of gel nails is their moisturizing effect. Gel nails help to lock in moisture in natural nails and prevent them from drying out. This is especially important in summer when sun, salt water and humidity can affect the moisture balance of the nails. With summer gel nails, you can be sure that your natural nails are adequately moisturized and remain healthy and strong.

III. Trendy designs for summer gel nails

A. Bright and vibrant colors for summer

  1. Happiness and positivity: The warm months of summer are full of energy and joy of life. Bright and vibrant colors on your gel nails can perfectly capture this mood and reflect your positive vibes. Bright colors such as sunny yellow, coral pink, turquoise blue, lime green or bright orange create a happy and lively atmosphere. Every look at your nails will bring a smile to your lips and lift your mood.

  2. Summer vibes: Summer is the time of sun, beaches, blue skies and blooming nature. Bright colors on your nails create a connection to the summer landscapes and convey the feeling of lightness and fun. Whether you're lying on a sandy beach, enjoying a day at the pool, or relaxing in a tropical vacation paradise, bright and vibrant colors on your nails will instantly immerse you in the summer atmosphere.

  3. Stylish Elegance: Bright colors on gel nails can also make an elegant and stylish statement. Pastel colors like soft pink, soft lavender or light mint green give your nails a subtle yet appealing touch. They appear elegant and sophisticated, while at the same time exuding a summery lightness. These colors go perfectly with any outfit and any occasion and add a touch of elegance to your look.

  4. Wide range of combinations: Bright and vibrant colors offer you a variety of combination options for your nail design. You can choose a single color to make a simple yet eye-catching statement, or combine different colors together to create a playful and colorful look. With nail art techniques such as ombre, color gradients, glitter accents or geometric patterns, you can let your creativity run wild and create an individual design.

  5. Matching Complement to Summer Outfits: Bright and vibrant colors on your nails are the perfect complement to your summer outfits. Whether you're wearing a bikini on the beach, a breezy summer dress or a casual leisure look, your nails will be in harmony with the fresh colors and complete your entire look. They are guaranteed to attract everyone's attention and make a fashion statement.

B. Summery patterns and decorations for gel nails

  1. Tropical motifs: Summer is the time of exotic travel destinations and tropical beaches. Transform your gel nails into a little piece of paradise by using tropical patterns and embellishments. Palm leaves, pineapples, flamingos, coconuts or colorful flowers are just some of the elements you can use to create a tropical look. These designs bring the holiday feeling directly to your nails and give you a touch of the exotic.

  2. Mermaid scales: The sea and its inhabitants are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for summer gel nails. Mermaid scale patterns are a popular design that creates a beautiful and mystical aesthetic. Use glitter polishes of different colors to create the effect of sparkling scales on your nails. Combine different shades of blue or experiment with pastel colors to create a magical mermaid atmosphere.

  3. Nautical Symbols: If you are a fan of nautical style, then nautical symbols are a great choice for your summer gel nails. Anchors, steering wheels, sailboats, starfish or seashells are just some of the symbols you can use to create the look. Combine shades of blue and white for a classic nautical aesthetic or add pop colors for a modern twist. These patterns bring the seaside vibe right to your nails.

  4. Fruity Designs: In summer, fresh fruits are a delicious and refreshing choice. Be inspired by the colors and shapes of fruits such as citrus fruits, watermelons, strawberries or kiwis and design your gel nails accordingly. You can draw small pieces of fruit, create gradients in fruity colors, or use glitter polishes to create the effect of juice drops. These designs are cheerful, playful and bring summer to your nails.

  5. Geometric Patterns: If you prefer a minimalist yet eye-catching design, geometric patterns are a great choice. Triangles, lines, dots or diagonal stripes can be used to create a modern and trendy look. Combine different colors or use metallic paints to create an extra shine.These designs are versatile and will suit any summer activity or outfit.

C. Current trends and inspiration for summer gel nails

  1. Ombré effect: The ombré effect is still a popular trend for summer gel nails. It creates a gentle gradient of color on your nails and makes them look like a stunning work of art. Experiment with different shades and create a gradient from light to dark or from one color to another. From pastel colors to vibrant and bright tones, the ombré effect brings subtle elegance and color variety to your nails.

  2. Neon colors: Neon colors are an exciting trend that fits perfectly with the summer atmosphere. Make a statement with bright yellows, bright pinks, bright oranges or vibrant greens. Neon colors on your gel nails are bold, eye-catching and will attract everyone's attention. Pair them with a simple outfit to give your nails the focus they deserve.

  3. Glitter and metallic: Another popular trend for summer gel nails is the use of glitter and metallic effects. Glittering nails add a touch of glamor to your look and make your nails sparkle. You can go for a full glitter look or create accent nails with glitter or metallic polishes. Experiment with different colors and shapes to create a sparkling and fun look.

  4. Negative Space: Negative Space designs are modern, minimalist and bring a touch of sophistication to your gel nails. In this trend, part of the nail is intentionally left blank to create an open space. Combine negative space with geometric patterns, lines or abstract shapes to create an interesting and unique look. Negative space designs are perfect for summer as they have a light and airy aesthetic.

  5. Floral Patterns: Floral patterns are a timeless trend for summer gel nails and bring a romantic and playful atmosphere to your nails. Choose light colors and delicate flowers to create a feminine look. You can paint individual flowers on each nail or create a floral accent nail. Combine different types of flowers or add leaves and vines to create a complete flower garden on your nails.

IV. Tips for caring for summer gel nails

A. Sun protection for nails and hands

  1. Sunscreen: Apply sunscreen generously to your hands and nails. Choose a cream with a high sun protection factor (SPF) that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Gently massage the sunscreen into your hands and nails to ensure even protection. Be sure to apply the cream regularly, especially after swimming or during long periods of exposure to the sun.

  2. Hand cream with SPF: Use a hand cream with built-in sun protection factor. These special creams provide moisture and protection for your hands and nails at the same time. Apply hand cream regularly to protect your skin from drying out and protect your nails from the harmful effects of the sun.

  3. UV protective gloves: If you spend long periods of time in the sun or engage in outdoor activities that expose your hands to a lot of sun, UV protective gloves can be a good option. These special gloves provide additional protection from UV rays and prevent the sun from directly affecting your nails and hands. There are different models that offer you both protection and comfort.

  4. Nail polish with UV protection: Use nail polishes that contain UV protection. These special polishes help protect your nails from the harmful effects of the sun while maintaining beautiful color and shine. Look for nail polishes that explicitly contain UV protection or those that contain vitamin E or other ingredients that strengthen and protect your nails from UV rays.

  5. Protection through gloves and parasols: In addition to the above measures, you can also use conventional protection methods such as wearing gloves and setting up parasols. Gloves not only protect your hands, but also your nails from direct sunlight. Parasols provide shade and reduce your nails and hands' exposure to the sun.

B. Protecting gel nails from chlorine and salt water

  1. Pre-treatment with base coat: Before exposing your gel nails to chlorine or salt water, apply a base coat. A special base coat provides additional protection and creates a barrier between the nail and the water. This helps reduce chlorine or salt water from entering the gel and prevents it from affecting the durability and appearance of your gel nails.

  2. Avoid long soaking: If you have your hands in the pool or sea water, try to minimize soaking your nails. The longer the nails are exposed to water, the more likely the gel is to soften and peel off. Try to keep your hands above water or wear waterproof gloves if you plan to spend long periods of time in the water.

  3. Rinse your nails after contact: After swimming in the pool or sea, you should rinse your nails thoroughly with clean water. This will remove any chlorine or salt water residue and clean your nails. Afterwards, gently dry your nails to ensure they are thoroughly dried.

  4. Care and Moisturizer: Chlorine and salt water can cause your nails to dry out. Therefore, it is important to keep your gel nails moisturized and well cared for. Use a nail and skin cream regularly to moisturize your nails and hands and maintain their natural suppleness.

  5. Avoid Rough Handling: Be careful when handling hard or sharp objects in the water to avoid damage to your gel nails. Avoid scratching or rubbing your nails on rough surfaces to minimize the risk of damage.

C. Regular follow-up treatment and refreshing of gel nails

  1. Treat regrowth: Since your nails grow faster in the summer, it may be necessary to re-treat the area of the nail that has regrown. Use a fine nail file to gently smooth the transition between the natural nail and the gel. Then apply a layer of gel to fill the area and create a seamless transition. This follow-up treatment keeps your nails in shape and prevents an uneven appearance.

  2. Refreshing Color: Over time, the color of your gel nail polish may fade due to exposure to sunlight, chlorine or salt water. Refreshing the color is an easy way to restore shine and radiance to your gel nails. Apply a new coat of colored gel to your nails or have them touched up by a nail technician. This ensures that your nails maintain their perfect look and you feel comfortable with them.

  3. Cuticle care: In summer it is particularly important to care for and moisturize the cuticles. Use nail oils or nail creams regularly to keep the cuticles supple and prevent tearing. Gently massage the product into the cuticles to nourish and moisturize. This not only ensures healthy and well-groomed nails, but also gives your gel nails a beautiful overall appearance.

  4. Avoid excessive heat: Extreme heat can cause the gel on your nails to wear off faster. Avoid direct heat sources such as sunbeds, hot showers or saunas as these may affect the gel's durability. If you are going to be in a hot environment for a long time, it is recommended that you wear gloves to protect your nails from the excessive heat.

  5. Regular professional aftercare: For thorough and professional aftercare, you should make an appointment with a qualified nail technician every 2-3 weeks. An expert can thoroughly clean your gel nails, refresh them and check them for possible damage. This ensures that your nails stay in their best condition and give you pleasure all summer long.

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V. Summer nail art ideas with gel nails

A. Step-by-step instructions for various designs

  1. Watermelon design:

    • Apply a white base color to your nails and let them dry well.
    • Using a thin brush or a nail art pen, paint green semicircles on the top part of your nails to represent the watermelon rind.
    • Fill in the bottom part of the nail with a pink or red color to represent the flesh of the watermelon.
    • Using a black nail art pen, draw small black seeds on the pink or red flesh.
    • Seal the design with a clear top coat for longer durability.
  2. Palm leaves design:

    • Apply a light or pastel base color to your nails and allow them to dry thoroughly.
    • Use a thin brush or a nail art pen to paint green palm leaves on your nails. Start with a straight line for the stem and then add curved lines for the leaves.
    • Fill in the leaves with different shades of green to give them more dimension and depth.
    • Optionally, you can also paint a few white lines or dots on the palm leaves to represent light reflections.
    • Seal the design with a clear top coat to protect it and make it last longer.
  3. Ombre color effect:

    • Apply a light base color to your nails and let them dry well.
    • Choose two or more colors that go well together and create a beautiful gradient.
    • Apply the first color to the sponge applicator of a nail polish and gently dab it on the upper part of the nail.
    • Gradually add the other colors and dab the sponge applicator on the nail to create the gradient.
    • Repeat the process until the desired gradient is achieved.
    • Seal the design with a clear top coat to blend the colors and ensure longer durability.
  4. Glitter accents:

    • Apply a light base color to your nails and let them dry well.
    • Select one or more nails to style as accent nails.
    • Apply a clear top coat to the accent nail and immediately sprinkle with glitter or glitter powder.
    • Tap off the excess and gently press the glitter to ensure it adheres well.
    • Seal the accent nail with another clear top coat to lock in the glitter and ensure long-lasting wear.
    • Leave the other nails undecorated or add subtle details to highlight the glitter design.

B. Recommendations for professional nail designs in summer

  1. Beachy French Tips: Give your classic French manicure look a summery twist by using bright and vibrant colors. Instead of the traditional white nail tips, choose bright colors like coral red, turquoise or sunny yellow. This design gives your nails a fresh and playful touch and is perfect for a day at the beach or a poolside event.

  2. Tropical Nail Art: Bring the tropical vacation feel to your nails with nail art inspired by palm leaves, pineapples, flamingos or colorful flowers. An experienced nail technician can help you incorporate these tropical elements into your designs, creating a vibrant and exotic aesthetic. These nail designs are perfect for summer parties, vacation trips or just to celebrate the warm season.

  3. Mermaid Nails: Immerse yourself in the magical world of mermaids with this fascinating nail design. Use different colors such as turquoise, blue and purple to create the effect of sparkling scales on your nails. Add glitter accents or holographic details to amp up the look. These designs give your nails a mysterious and magical look and are an eye-catcher on every occasion.

  4. Ombre color effect: The ombre color effect is a timeless trend that looks beautiful even in summer. Choose two or more colors that go well together and let them blend smoothly into each other. You can use light pastels for a delicate aesthetic or bright colors for an eye-catching look. This design adds a subtle elegance to your nails and is versatile enough to match different outfits and occasions.

  5. Fruity Nail Art: Bring fruity colors and patterns to your nails with nail art inspired by your favorite fruits. Whether citrus fruits, watermelons or berries - let your creativity run wild and design your nails with vibrant colors and detailed patterns. Add glitter accents to enhance the fruity look. These designs are perfect for pool parties, BBQs or a day at the beach.

C. Do-it-yourself tips for at home

  1. Preparation is key: Always start by thoroughly preparing your nails to ensure they are clean and free of any old nail polish or residue. File your nails into the desired shape and gently push back the cuticles. Clean your nails with nail polish remover to remove grease and dirt and ensure optimal gel adhesion.

  2. Use a gel nail kit: Invest in a high-quality gel nail kit that contains everything you need to create your gel nails. A typical kit usually includes a base and top coat, various color gel options, a UV or LED light curing device, and other nail accessories such as brushes, files, and cuticle cutters.

  3. Experiment with colors and patterns: Summer is the perfect time to play with vibrant colors and creative patterns. Choose bright colors like coral red, sunny yellow, bright pink or turquoise blue to give your nails a summery look. You can also combine different colors and patterns, such as ombré effects, geometric designs or abstract patterns. Let your creativity run wild and experiment with different ideas.

  4. Glitter and Accents: Give your gel nails an extra glamor with glitter accents. Use glitter polishes to create accent nails or add glitter details to your designs. You can also use rhinestones, glitter powder or nail art stickers to create a sparkling effect. Remember to seal the glitter with a clear top coat to make it last longer.

  5. Seal and care: After you have designed your gel nails, it is important to seal and care for them properly. Apply a coat of top coat to enhance shine and extend durability. Be sure to regularly pamper your nails with nail and skin care products to keep them hydrated and healthy.

  6. Extend durability: To extend the life of your gel nails, it is recommended to wear gloves when doing household chores or when your hands are exposed to a lot of water. Also avoid applying nail polish remover directly to your gel nails as this can damage the gel. Instead, use a nail polish remover specifically designed for gel nails.

VI. Summer nail care product recommendations

A. Nail oils and nail creams for intensive care

  1. Moisturizing Nail Oils: Nail oils are an effective way to moisturize your nails and cuticles and protect them from drying out. Choose a high-quality nail oil that contains natural oils such as jojoba oil, almond oil or argan oil. Apply the nail oil regularly to your nails and cuticles and massage in gently. This helps lock in moisture, eliminate dry patches and keep your nails supple.

  2. Nail Creams for Healthy Nails: Nail creams are specially formulated to promote the health and strength of your nails. Choose a nail cream that contains nourishing ingredients such as biotin, panthenol or keratin. Apply the nail cream regularly to your nails and cuticles and massage gently. The nail cream nourishes and strengthens your nails, promotes growth and protects them from brittleness.

  3. Intensive care overnight: Use the night hours to give your nails intensive care. Apply nail oil or nail cream generously to your nails and cuticles before bed. Massage the products gently and leave them on overnight. This enables deep hydration and intensive carege of your nails while you sleep.

  4. UV protection: Make sure to choose nail oils or nail creams that also offer UV protection. UV rays can weaken and dry out your nails. A product with UV protection helps protect your nails from the damaging effects of the sun and extends the life of your nail design.

  5. Regular Use: The keys to successful nail care are consistency and regularity. Apply nail oils and nail creams regularly to continuously moisturize and nourish your nails. Make it a part of your daily nail care routine and you will see the positive results.

B. Special paints and topcoats for longer durability in summer

  1. UV light-curing varnishes: Choose UV light-curing varnishes that are specifically designed for gel nails. These polishes contain ingredients that cure under UV or LED light to form a strong and long-lasting finish on your nails. Apply the varnish in thin layers and cure with a UV or LED light curing device according to the instructions. These varnishes offer long-lasting durability and resist the effects of water, sun and other environmental influences.

  2. Gel Topcoat: A gel topcoat is a must to maximize the durability of your gel nails in the summer. After applying the color gel, apply a layer of gel topcoat to create a smooth and durable surface. The gel topcoat protects the color gel from fading, chipping and chipping and gives your nails a shiny finish. Be sure to cure the gel topcoat thoroughly under a UV or LED lamp for optimal results.

  3. No-wipe topcoat: A no-wipe topcoat is a practical option for summer gel nails. Unlike traditional topcoats, you don't need to remove any residue or sticky film after curing. Apply the no-wipe topcoat to your nails and cure according to the instructions. This topcoat provides a shiny and durable finish without the need for additional cleaning.

  4. Quick-Dry Topcoat: If you don't have much time to let your nails dry, a quick-dry topcoat is the perfect solution. These topcoats dry quickly and significantly reduce drying time. Apply the quick-dry topcoat to your nails and let it dry for a few minutes. This topcoat quickly seals your gel nails and allows you to get back to action quickly without having to worry about marks or blemishes.

  5. Heat protection topcoat: In summer our nails are particularly exposed to heat and sun. A heat protection topcoat can help protect your gel nails from damage caused by high temperatures. This special topcoat creates a protective barrier on your nails and minimizes the risk of discoloration, deformation or damage from heat.

C. UV protective varnishes to protect against fading and yellowing

  1. Choose a high-quality UV protective varnish: When choosing a UV protective varnish, it is important to choose a high-quality and reliable varnish. Look for products that are specifically designed to protect against UV rays and offer a high UV protection factor. Read product descriptions and reviews carefully to ensure the paint provides effective protection.

  2. Apply the UV protective varnish as a topcoat: To optimally protect your gel nails, apply the UV protective varnish as a final topcoat. After you have completed your nail design with color gel and any nail art elements, apply a thin layer of UV protective varnish. Make sure the polish covers all parts of the nail, including the tips and edges of the nail.

  3. Pay attention to curing: UV protective coatings usually require curing time under a UV or LED lamp in order to develop their full protective effect. Read the manufacturer's instructions carefully and follow the recommended curing time. Keep your nails stable while curing and make sure they do not come into contact with other surfaces to avoid damage.

  4. Regular use: To ensure continued protection of your gel nails, apply the UV protective varnish regularly. Depending on the product, it may be necessary to refresh the paint every few days or once a week. With regular use, UV protection remains effective and your gel nails remain protected from fading and yellowing.

  5. Other sun protection measures: UV protective varnishes are a great addition, but don't forget to take additional sun protection measures. Avoid direct sunlight on your gel nails by wearing gloves or sunscreen when in the sun for long periods of time. Also avoid contact with water containing chlorine or salt, as these substances can damage the gel.

VII. Conclusion and final thoughts

A. Most important tips for summer gel nails

  1. Preparation is key: Thorough preparation is crucial to achieve the best result. Start with clean nails by removing old nail polish residue and filing your nails into shape. Gently push back the cuticles to create a clean nail plate. Remove any excess oil or moisture from the nails to help the gel adhere better.

  2. Quality over quantity: Invest in high-quality products when it comes to the gel and other nail accessories. Quality gel not only ensures a better end result, but also has a longer shelf life. Make sure the gel comes from a trusted brand and is suitable for professional use.

  3. Protect your nails from sun and heat: Sun and heat can affect your gel nails. Apply a UV protective polish to protect your nails from fading and yellowing. Also avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and direct contact with hot surfaces to avoid damage.

  4. Moisturizing Care: Keep your nails and cuticles hydrated by regularly using nail oils or nail creams. Moisturizing care helps reduce dryness, cracking and brittleness. Gently massage the oil or cream into your nails and cuticles to nourish and strengthen them.

  5. Avoid Excessive Water: Although gel nails are waterproof, excessive exposure to water can affect their durability. Wear gloves to protect your nails when washing dishes or other water-intensive activities. Also avoid soaking nails in water or water containing chlorine as this can weaken the gel.

  6. Regular follow-up care: Gel nails require regular follow-up care to maintain their appearance and durability. Perform regular refill appointments to balance nail growth and remove worn gel. Also, have damaged nails repaired by a professional to ensure optimal health and durability.

  7. Choose trendy designs: Take advantage of the variety of trendy designs that are trending in summer. Experiment with bright colors, abstract patterns, tropical motifs or glitter accents to create your own unique summer look. Be inspired by current nail trends and express your personality.

B. Importance of gel care for the perfect summer look

  1. Longevity and durability: By regularly treating and refreshing your gel nails, you can ensure their longevity and durability. In summer, our hands are exposed to a variety of activities, be it swimming, sunbathing or gardening. Regular follow-up treatment helps remove worn gel, balance nail growth and keep your gel nails in top shape.

  2. Protection from environmental influences: In summer our nails are exposed to various environmental influences, such as sun, water, sand and chemicals. Well-groomed gel nails offer a protective shield against these harmful influences. The gel forms a durable layer on your nails, protecting them from fading, yellowing and brittleness caused by sun exposure. It also provides a barrier against chlorine and salt water as well as other harmful chemicals.

  3. Moisturizing and Strengthening: Moisturizing is an essential part of gel care to prevent dryness and brittleness. Use nail oils or nail creams regularly to keep your nails and cuticles moisturized. These products contain nourishing ingredients that strengthen nails and promote growth. Well-groomed nails are less prone to damage and retain their healthy shine.

  4. Care of the nail bed and cuticle: In addition to caring for the nails themselves, it is important to also care for the nail bed and cuticle. Regular cuticle care helps promote cuticle growth and prevent dirt and bacteria from entering. Keep your cuticles hydrated and gently push them back to create a clean nail plate. This contributes to an orKeep your gel nails looking neat and well-groomed.

  5. Stylish designs and trends: With well-groomed gel nails, you have the opportunity to explore trendy designs and current nail trends. Summer gel nails offer a variety of ways to express your personal style - be it through bright colors, abstract patterns, tropical motifs or glitter accents. Well-groomed nails serve as a canvas for creative designs and help you achieve a perfect summer look.