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Maxene - Ultimate 5-in-1 Hairstyler 2023

Maxene - Ultimate 5-in-1 Hairstyler 2023

€39,95 EUR
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Stunning salon-quality looks in just minutes! 😍

Do you ever feel stressed about getting ready and wish you could just get the perfect look and be done with it? What if there was a tool that could help you achieve any hairstyle you wanted without breaking a sweat? The 5 in 1 hair styler is the answer you are looking for!

The EasyStyler makes your prep routine a breeze by helping you perfect any hairstyle you want faster than you ever thought possible! We believe that everyone should experience the leap of faith that the EasyStyler offers. Therefore, it is affordable compared to similar branded hair stylers. Why spend hundreds of dollars when you can get the same results with the EasyStyler?

Choose one of the 5 attachments, simply connect it to the EasyStyler and start styling! Create stunning curls, gorgeous blowouts, enviable waves and more! Save time, stress and hassle and feel confident EVERYDAY with the EasyStyling 5 in 1 Professional Styler!

What makes the EasyStyling Tool so special? ✨


5 Attachments - Includes five interchangeable brush attachments that make straightening, curling, volumizing and styling way too easy. We combine blow drying with styling tools, and it works on ALL hair types, no matter how thick or curly!

Negative Ion Technology - The EasyStyling device uses advanced negative ion technology to prevent frizz and static. Thanks to the combination of nylon pins and tuft-like bristles, tangles and hair breakage are minimized and a pleasant scalp massage is possible!

Adjustable Temperature Settings - Change your look with 3 temperature controls that give you more control when styling your hair. It's also perfect for use in different seasons and for all hair types, making it easy to get the hairstyle you've always wanted.

Practical and Portable - The light weight makes it easy to take with you anywhere and even easier to maneuver so there is no strain on your wrists and arms!

Use it with confidence - Suitable for home use, business trips, weddings, vacations and more! Take it with you wherever you go and achieve perfect results everywhere! It comes in beautiful packaging so you can also use it as a gift for friends, family or anyone you love!

Automatically constant temperature
Reduces hair damage

The hair dryer Volumizer has a power consumption of 1000W and offers 3 temperature controls to give you more choices when styling your hair .

The temperature settings ensure long-lasting, professional results . More importantly, this hair dryer can measure and adjust the temperature more accurately and automatically keep the set temperature stable.


✓ Perfect Temperature - With its unique patented technology, the 5-in-1 Professional Styler will not damage your hair and always gives you the right temperature.

✓ The 5-in-1 solution - With the included accessories, your hair routine will become much easier and faster in no time. You now have everything combined in one device.

✓ Hair Dryer Volumizer - The powerful volumizer offers the best experience for perfect drying, styling and curling. The hot air flow is directed evenly by this powerful motor, guaranteeing an optimal hair care experience.

The 5-in-1 professional styler is extremely versatile and therefore a must for your hair. Combine 5 possible applications in one device:

✅ Smooth

✅ Curls

✅ Waves

✅ Dry

✅ Brushes

What does the package include?

1️⃣ 5in1 - styling hair dryer

2️⃣ 30mm curl attachment * 2

3️⃣ Soft brush attachment and hard brush attachment

4️⃣ Hairdryer

5️⃣ Round brush for volume


  • Host size: 23*40CM
  • Voltage: 110V (US)、220-240V (EU/AU/UK)
  • Rated frequency: 50-60Hz

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